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Books (5)

  • DNA Methylation: Principles, Mechanisms and Challenges by T Tatarinova, G Sablok; published on 06, 2013 . Published by: Nova Science Pub Inc, pages 184, Online Access Link
  • DNA Methylation – from Genomics to Technology edited by T Tatarinova; published on 04, 2012 Online Access Link
  • Nonlinear Mixture Models : A Bayesian Approach by Tatiana Tatarinova, Alan Schumitzky; published on 02, 2012 . Published by: World Scientific , Online Access Link
  • Plants, Biotechnology and Agriculture by D Murphy ; published on 11, 2011 . Published by: Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International, Online Access Link
  • People, Plants and Genes: The Story of Crops and Humanity by Denis J. Murphy; published on 09, 2007 . Published by: Oxford University Press, USA, Online Access Link

Book Chapter (1)

  • GC3 Biology in Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes by Eran Elhaik, Tatiana Tatarinova in DNA Methylation – From Genomics to Technology on 03, 2012 pages 55-68, Online Access Link

Journal Articles (15)

  • cisExpress : Motif Detection in DNA Sequences by Martin Triska, David Grocutt, James.Southern, Denis Murphy, Tatiana Tatarinova published in Bioinformatics on 07/2013 pages 01, Online Access Link

  • Two general methods for population pharmacokinetic modeling: non-parametric adaptive grid and non-parametric Bayesian by Tatiana Tatarinova, Michael Neely, Jay Bartroff, Michael van Guilder, Walter Yamada, David Bayard, Roger Jelliffe, Robert Leary, Alyona Chubatiuk, Alan Schumitzky published in Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics on 04/2013 vol 40, issue 2, Online Access Link

  • Tumor Suppressors Status in Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia by D Sonkin, M Hassan, D Murphy, T Tatarinova published in Journal of Molecular Oncology on 04/2013 pages 11, Online Access Link

  • Evaluation of Codon Biology in Citrus and Poncirus trifoliata Based on Genomic Features and Frame Corrected Expressed Sequence Tags by Touqeer Ahmad, Gaurav Sablok, Tatiana V Tatarinova, Qiang Xu, Wen-Wu Guo published in DNA Research on 01/2013 vol 20, issue 2, pages 135-150, Online Access Link

  • Methods of Combinatorial Optimization to Reveal Factors Affecting Gene Length by A Bolshoy, T Tatarinova published in Journal of Bioinformatics and Biology Insights on 10/2012 vol 6, pages 317-327, Online Access Link

  • DNA Barcoding the Native Flowering Plants and Conifers of Wales by Natasha de Vere , Tim C. G. Rich , Col R. Ford , Sarah A. Trinder , Charlotte Long , Chris W. Moore , Danielle Satterthwaite , Helena Davies , Joel Allainguillaume , Sandra Ronca , Tatiana Tatarinova , Hannah Garbett , Kevin Walker , Mike J. Wilkinson published in PLoS One on 06/2012 Online Access Link

  • Mining of miRNAs and potential targets from gene oriented clusters of transcripts sequences of the anti-malarial plant, Artemisia annua by Álvaro L Pérez-Quintero, Gaurav Sablok, Tatiana V Tatarinova, Ana Conesa, Jimmy Kuo, Camilo López published in Biotechnology letters on 04/2012 vol 34, issue 4, pages 737-745, Online Access Link

  • The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia enables predictive modelling of anticancer drug sensitivity by Jordi Barretina,Giordano Caponigro,Nicolas Stransky,Kavitha Venkatesan,Adam A. Margolin,Sungjoon Kim,Christopher J. Wilson,Joseph Lehár,Gregory V. Kryukov,Dmitriy Sonkin,Anupama Reddy,Manway Liu,Lauren Murray,Michael F. Berger,John E. Monahan,Paula Morais,Jodi Meltzer,Adam Korejwa,Judit Jané-Valbuena,Felipa A. Mapa,Joseph Thibault,Eva Bric-Furlong,Pichai Raman,Aaron Shipway,Ingo H. Engels,Jill Cheng,Guoying K. Yu,Jianjun Yu,Peter Aspesi,Melanie de Silva,Kalpana Jagtap,Michael D. Jones,Li Wang,Charles Hatton,Emanuele Palescandolo,Supriya Gupta,Scott Mahan,Carrie Sougnez,Robert C. Onofrio,Ted Liefeld,Laura MacConaill,Wendy Winckler,Michael Reich,Nanxin Li,Jill P. Mesirov,Stacey B. Gabriel,Gad Getz,Kristin Ardlie,Vivien Chan,Vic E. Myer,Barbara L. Weber,Jeff Porter,Markus Warmuth,Peter Finan,Jennifer L. Harris,Matthew Meyerson,Todd R. Golub,Michael P. Morrissey,William R. Sellers,Robert Schlegel& Levi A. Garraway published in Nature on 03/2012 vol 483, issue 7391, pages 603-607, Online Access Link

  • Nonparametric population modeling and Bayesian analysis. by Roger Jelliffe, Michael Neely, Alan Schumitzky, David Bayard, Michael Van Guilder, Andreas Botnen, Aida Bustad, Derek Laing, Walter Yamada, Jay Bartroff, Tatiana Tatarinova published in Pharmacological research: the official journal of the Italian Pharmacological Society on 11/2011 vol 64, issue 4, pages 426, Online Access Link

  • Synonymous codon usage, GC3, and evolutionary patterns across plastomes of three pooid model species: emerging grass genome models for monocots by Gaurav Sablok, Kinshuk Chandra Nayak, Franck Vazquez, Tatiana V Tatarinova published in Molecular biotechnology on 10/2011 vol 49, issue 2, pages 116-128, Online Access Link

  • Towards the integration of genomics, epidemiological and clinical data by Victor V Solovyev, Tatiana V Tatarinova published in Genome Medicine on 07/2011 vol 3, pages 48, Online Access Link

  • Bioinformatic analysis of fruit-specific expressed sequence tag libraries of Diospyros kaki Thunb.: view at the transcriptome at different developmental stages by Gaurav Sablok,Chun Luo,Wan Sin Lee,Farzana Rahman,Tatiana V. Tatarinova,Jennifer Ann Harikrishna, Zhengrong Luo published in 3 Biotech on 04/2011 vol 1, issue 1, pages 33-45, Online Access Link

  • Artificial microRNAs (amiRNAs) engineering–On how microRNA-based silencing methods have affected current plant silencing research by Gaurav Sablok, Álvaro L Pérez-Quintero, Mehedi Hassan, Tatiana V Tatarinova, Camilo López published in Biochemical and biophysical research communications on 03/2011 vol 406, issue 3, pages 315-319, Online Access Link

  • GC3 biology in corn, rice, sorghum and other grasses by Tatiana V Tatarinova, Nickolai N Alexandrov, John B Bouck, Kenneth A Feldmann published in BMC genomics on 05/2010 vol 11, issue 1, pages 308, Online Access Link

  • Genome-wide discovery of cis-elements in promoter sequences using gene expression by Maxim Troukhan, Tatiana Tatarinova, John Bouck, Richard B Flavell, Nickolai N Alexandrov published in OMICS A Journal of Integrative Biology on 04/2009 vol 13, issue 2, pages 139-151, Online Access Link