Genomics and Computational Biology Research

Genomics and Computational Biology Research group, of GenComBio is a cross discipline research unit currently led by Prof. Denis Murphy. The group currently consists of a number of experts from Science, Mathematics, Computing & Engineering background.

The group started its journey as University of Glamorgan’s Computational Biology Research group in 2009 led by Dr. Tatiana Tatarinova.


Recent and ongoing PhD projects

  1. Using bioinformatics in protein structure prediction for design of novel therapeutic agents, Negusse Ketaba (Prof Murphy & Prof Tatarinova)
  2. Development of bioinformatics tools and procedures for computational support of the Plant DNA Barcode Wales Project, Hannah Garbett (Prof Murphy & Prof Tatarinova)
  3. Methods for Onconomics, Dmitriy Sonkin (Prof Tatarinova & Prof Murphy)
        – Project sub-sites    Tumor Suppressor Status Database
  4. Computational Method for Bacterial Toxicity Detection, Farzana Rahman (Prof Tatarinova & Prof Murphy)
        – Project sub-sites   Assesment of COGs Database    |   Benchmarking of NGS Tools
  5. Mining of 'Big Data’ for Functional Genomics Annotation, Mehedi Hassan (Prof Tatarinova & Prof Murphy)
        – Project sub-sites   Non Parametric EST Analysis     |    Population Structure Prediction    
  6. Functional Genomics Annotation, Martin Triska (Prof Tatarinova & Prof Murphy)
        – Project sub-sites   cisExpress    
  7. Bioinformatic investigation of the oil palm genome, Rozana Rosli (Prof Tatarinova & Prof Murphy)